Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 23 - Collection of Cokes

Day 23 - Collection of Cokes, originally uploaded by Brina1300.

dailyshoot #ds69 We're all collectors of something. Find an interesting way to display and make a photo of a collection today. I don't really collect anything so this challenge was perplexing. I have a few chickens and angels but I wouldn't really call them a collection. They are sitting on my desk at work with no chance of getting in there to photograph for today's challenge I was stuck looking for a collection. I looked through my photos and found this collection of Cokes I photographed on tour at the World of Coke in Atlanta. Looking at this photograph reminds me of the collection of memories I cherish of the wonderful trips and experiences I have shared with my children. This is one of their favorite places to visit and I am sure it has everything to do with the free sodas at the end of the tour.

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